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Turkish Cities – İzmir

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İzmir is considered that one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in Turkey!

Some investigations have been made up to show how İzmir’s history has consisted. According to the knowledge acquired from scientific studies the word “İzmir” came from Smyrna in the ancient Ionian.

İzmir is the third biggest city in Turkey and it is developed in many ways such as its business.

İzmir is a very modern city and it is also famous for its malls. On the west side of İzmir, there is a beautiful sea and a lot of beaches. Çesme is a famous district in İzmir and every year it is full of tourists. There is a district which has a lot of historical events called Efes. The weather in İzmir is always hot and dry in summer and warm and rainy in winter.

In İzmir agriculture is developed well and the economy relies on agriculture such as textile, confection, nutrition, beverage, beer, tobacco and feed. Besides these, iron and steel industry, petrol, automotive industry, cement, footwear, compost, deadstock and ceramics are sold at home and abroad. İzmir is also known as the harbor town. It is very easy to reach İzmir and it makes it the best in transportation. All of these things make İzmir the best in business and touristic way.

İzmir is not only a beautiful city but also has some of the best universities in Turkey among which are Ege University and Dokuz Eylul University. Ege University is situated in the metropolitan district of Bornova. The other universities are Ionian University, İzmir University of Economics, Yasar University, Katip Celebi University, Sifa University, İzmir Institute of Technology and the University of Gediz.

There are several ways to visit Izmir. There are airport, bus terminal and rail terminals which provide a connection with other cities and countries. Buses, urban ferries, metro, light metro provide connections within the city. The Adnan Menderes International Airport is well served with connections to Turkish and international destinations. Its new international terminal was opened in September 2006. İzmir has two historical rail terminals in the city center which are called Alsancak Terminal and Basmane Terminal.


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