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7 Best Student Cities In Turkey

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Turkish cities have many beautiful places for all students. If you plan to attend an education program in Turkey, Many opportunities are waiting for you. In this article, we have compiled the Best Student Cities in Turkey.

Best Student Cities in Turkey List


Istanbul is the most famous and the most crowded city in Turkey. It has a key role as a  bridge between Asia and Europe continent. It has a wonderful and legendary historical background. Istanbul has more than 50 universities in the city. Thanks to this situation, every student find their dream in Istanbul. Istanbul has many cultural and educational festivals and programs such as film festivals, book carnival, concerts, and etc.


Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. The city located in the center of the country. Ankara is a cheaper city than Istanbul for a university student. In addition, the most famous universities in Turkey, like Middle East Technic University or Bilkent is located in Ankara. Life in Ankara is very quiet than in Istanbul’s. There are many government institutions in Ankara so the citizens mostly working in a more civilian mentality.


Izmir is known for its freedom. It is the 3rd biggest city in Turkey. If you are a student in Izmir, every street and place is colorful and enjoyable for you. Izmir is a very secure city both day and night. You can meet your friends on the beach and have good hours with them from the night to the early morning. Izmir has very high-quality universities as well.


Antalya is one of the most famous touristic places in Turkey. There is a long and wonderful beach in the Antalya. Antalya has no cold days in a year. In Antalya, the weather is at least 15 C. Antalya has different universities and opportunities in there. The city is located along with the Mediterranean Sea.


Bursa is very famous and one of the developed city in Turkey. The city has also green places, parks, forests… Bursa is very close to Istanbul. You can travel to Istanbul driving 2 hours. Bursa offers students both economic and comfortable conditions. Uludağ University is very famous in Turkey.  Uludağ university offers high-quality education and a wide variety of courses.


Gaziantep is located western part of Turkey. In the region, the city is very popular and developed. Gaziantep is very famous with special dishes; Kebaps, Baklava, Katmer are the popular ones in this city. In Gaziantep, you can find museums, ancient places, and the zoo as well. As a student, Gaziantep University is a public university and has the high-quality educational background.


Trabzon is located on the north side of Turkey and along with Black Sea and very close to the wooded area. This is a city that you can find both green and blue. There is a Trabzon University in the city.

There are still other cities in Turkey which has the best places and very advisable for International students. If you decide to study in Turkey, you can be live in one of the Best Student Cities in Turkey.

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