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Turkish Abbreviations

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Mysterious abbreviations? Not anymore 🙂 Here you may find a list of specific short forms and translation:)

Mrb = Merhaba                         Hi
Slm = Selam,                         Hi
Nbr? = ne haber?,                     How are you?
İi = iyi/iyiyim,                           Good/well
Hg = hoş geldin,                       Welcome
S.a = selamün aleyküm,   Peace be upon you
As: aleyküm selam,         And also upon you
Kib = kendine iyi bak,       Take care of yourself
Kahv6 = kahvaltı,                     Breakfast
Scs: seni çok seviyorum, I love you so much
Öpt = öptüm,                           Kiss
1 şey = bir şey,                       1 thing
Tşk = teşekkür ederim,             Thank you
Gg = güle güle,                         Bye-bye
– kont = kontürüm yok,     I don’t have credit
Eet = evet,                               Yes
Oos = o senin sorunun.             That’s your problem

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