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How to Travel to Turkey?

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Turkey is fairly easy to travel in, with all different methods of transportation.

There are airlines, bus lines, trains and ferries that facilitate moving within and in between cities; but do not forget that this it’s a big country and transport may be crowded during major holidays.

Here are some options to consider as means of transportation:


Turkish Airlines has flights among major cities which are convenient for longer distances, and relatively inexpensive (most fares are 89 TL to 250 TL one-way). Onur Air, Atlasjet, Anadolu Jet, Pegasus and Sun Express have growing route systems and even lower fares.


There are thousands of modern, luxurious buses that travel between Turkish cities and towns daily. This is how most Turks travel. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get fares and schedules, but you can do that easily when you arrive in Turkey. Departures are frequent, and you do not need advance reservations on most routes. Here are some of the different bus companies well-established national companies with the best buses and safety records include:

Istanbul Seyahat (Thrace, Aegean, and Mediterranean Turkey, as well as several cities in the Balkans). Kamil Koç (Their website is in Turkish) (One of Turkey’s oldest bus companies with a long list of destinations, mostly in the Aegean and western Anatolia regions). Metro Turizm (One of Turkey’s largest companies and route systems, serving the entire country (and Bulgaria) except for the East and Southeast). Pamukkale Turizm (Another site that is only provided in Turkish) (A major company serving the Aegean coast including lots of small towns, Denizli and Pamukkale, western and central Anatolia, and some points on the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts). Ulusoy (They also do not have a website in English) (One of Turkey’s largest and best bus companies, serving western Anatolia, the Aegean and Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts) Varan (Turkey’s premier bus company, with the highest quality of service and safety, but a route system serving mostly the larger cities).


If you are an experienced driver and can manage a standard shift (“stick shift,” not automatic) transmission, and want freedom of movement, consider renting a car in Turkey.


Train travel in Turkey is still useful, especially for trains between Ankara and Istanbul. Expresses, Super Expresses, and sleeping car trains are somewhat slower than the bus but offer more seating-room and comfort for less money. High-Speed Trains are faster than bus or car. Some of Turkey’s trains are older and relatively slow, but still useful and quite cheap.


Turkey is surrounded by seas, so ships play a significant part in the Turkish transport picture. Here are the major services:

Sea of Marmara ferry services run between Istanbul on the north shore and Yalova and Bandırma on the south shore.

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