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What Is YOS? (International Students Exam)

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YÖS means International Students Exam in Turkey. If you want to Study in Turkey as an international student, you must pass this exam with a good score. Turkey gives some opportunities to international students to come and have their educational life there.

Who Has Rights To Apply YOS (International Student Exam)?

If you are an international student who has graduated at least from high school, or from any institute that is on equal terms with the high school position in Turkey, you can apply for the International Students Exam. In addition to that, you have to carry out the registration requirements determined by the higher education institutions they prefer. In Turkey, every institute and university has different terms and preferences for acceptance of international students. Therefore, you should first have a list of the requirements of the university or institute that you are going to apply.

The important thing you should know, the questions are not prepared by OSYM. Universities come together and prepare YOS questions by themselves. If you decide to attend YOS exam for education in Turkey. You should understand what kind of questions you will experience during the exam

Which Type of Questions Are On The YOS? How Many Questions Are On The Exam? 

YOS exam consists of two parts; Basic Learning Skills Test and Turkish Test. Basic Learning Skills include basic daily life language skills and basic communication skills. For example, this exam tries to understand whether you have a qualification to live in Turkey your Daily life without any need of help or not. Turkısh Test contains a lot of questions about the grammar rules of the Turkish language and some phrases, proverbs, and expression verbs that are included in Turkish Daily life.

International Students Exam

What Is The Language of The Exam?

The language of the YOS (International Students Exam) is Turkish and English. The exam tests your foreign language capability and cultural knowledge about Turkey.

How to Prepare Yourself To The Exam?

If you want to prepare yourself for the exam properly, you can watch some Turkish movies or films to have an idea about the Turkish’s daily life and language. Other than this, you can have a Turkish dictionary to read it regularly every day and make yourself familiar with the phrases and the words in the Turkish language.

What Materials Should You Use While Preparing Yourself?

You can use Turkish dictionary and you can search online regarding YOS questions. With that kind of information, you can prepare your self for the exam.

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