Ho ho ho! Santa Claus is coming to town!

In big amount of European countries 6th of December is a day when Santa Claus is hidding gifts under the pillow, in the boot or other specially prepared place (e.g., in the socks). The personage of Santa Claus as a grandpa in red and white suit became so famous all around the world mostly because of the concern Coca-cola which presented him in this form in 1930.

According to the legend Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, distributed all his assets to the poor and was helping others and he became the prototype of a person who is know as Santa Claus in modern world. Some perversely claim that St. Nicholas was a Turk;) He certainly lived in a city which is now in a  region of Turkey in the Antalya  - in Myra, current Demre on the Mediterranean Sea. It is worth to visit this city and museum dedicated to the Saint. Nicholas.

In different cultures Santa has different form In Russia he is called Дед Мороз (ded moroz) which means Grandfather Frost and his hellper is called Снегурочка (snegurochka) In the tradition of the Byzantine equivalent to Santa Claus is St. Basil, who gives gifts to children on 1 January. In Spain, the Three Kings bring gifts 6 of January. As a form of advertising St. Santa Claus is popular during the holiday season also in Asian countries, where he came from the USA.

So if you were good and polite this year expect some gifts today !  

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