Istanbul Survival Guide

Istanbul is a huge city with great attractions but just like all big cities, it can sometimes be difficult to live here.

Just for fun we have prepared an Istanbul survival guide for you.
The weather forecast is usually correct but it is always beneficial to bring an umbrella with you in Spring and Autumn.

Turkish people like playing backgammon and cards. You can learn how to play backgammon easily, and it is a good way to communicate with the locals. 
Try the Turkish tea, coffee and Turkish delight. You will adapt to the culture more. Remember, first adapt then survive :) (Just kidding)
Carry a nazar boncuğu/the evil's eye with you. It might protect you from the evil eyes. (So says the Turkish tradition)
You might spend hours in the traffic. A music player or a phone with which you can play music is quite useful for those times. Books and magazines also work.
Earplugs! There is too much noise from time to time.
Hand sanitizers and toothbrushes are always needed because you might spend some time transporting from one place to the other in Istanbul.
Use Istanbul Card for transportation. It makes things a lot faster and cheaper.


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