Turkish Lesson 8



What are personal pronouns? Those are the words that appear before the verb which show the person

or the thing doing the action. In English they are widely use for example “ I am going home”, “I” is a 

personal pronoun, “Her dog”, “her" is a personal pronoun.

In Turkish personal pronouns are not so popular because u can express yourself by adding personal 

endings at the end of the verbs.

Cat in Turkish is “kedi” if you want to say “my cat” you will say “Benim kedim” but you can also express yourself by

simply saying “kedim”.

It really helps to use personal pronouns when you are just starting your adventure with Turkish :)

Also the main reason for using personal pronouns is for emphasisim that something is really yours like with a cat 

example :) “Benim kedim”,is emphasising the fact the cat is yours.



Ben - I

Sen - You (singular/familiar) 

O - He/she/it

Biz - We

Siz - You (plural/polite)

Onlar - They


Beni - Me

Seni - You (singular/familiar)

Onu - Him/her/it

Bizi - Us

Sizi - You (plural/polite)

Onlar - Them


Benim - My

Senin - Your (singular/familiar)

Onun - His/her/its

Bizim - Our

Sizin - Your (plural/polite)

Onların - Their


Bana - To me

Sana - To you (singular/familiar)

Ona - To him/her/it

Bize - To us

Size - To you

Onlara - To them


Bende - In me

Sende - In you (singular/familiar)

Onda - In him/her/it

Bizde - In us

Sizde - In you (plural/polite)

Onlarda - In them


Benden - From me

Senden - From you (singular/familiar)

Ondan - From him/her/it

Bizden - From us

Sizden - From you (plural/polite)

Onlardan - From them


Kendim - Myself

Kendin - Yourself (singular/familiar)

Kendi - Himself/herself/itself

Kendimiz - Ourselves

Kendiniz - Yourself (plural/polite)

Kendileri - Themselves


Benimki - Mine

Seninki - Yours (singular/familiar)

Onunki - His/hers/its

Bizimki - Ours

Sizinki - Yours (plural/polite)

Onlarınki - Theirs


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