Turkish Lesson 2


Nerede?- Ne?- var/yok. Where? What?- There is/There is not

Masada çay var                            There is a tea on the table

Masada çay var mı?                      Is there a tea on the table?

Masada çay yok                          There is no tea on the table

Evde klima yok                            There is no air conditioning in the house

Evde klima var                             There is air conditioning in the house

Çantamda mendil yok                  There are no wipes in my bag

Çantamda mendil var                   There are wipes in my bag

Parkta havuz yok                        There is no pond in the park

Parkta havuz var                         There is a pond in the park

Ankara´da deniz yok                   There is no sea in Ankara

İstanbul´da deniz var                   There is a sea in Istanbul 


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