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You Are Not A Tourist

While you are studying abroad, from time to time it is natural to feel that you are a tourist.


Myths About Turkey

Whatever that is foreign and uknown to us, we tend to create myths about it.


Turkey Survival Guide #1

Wherever you come from, from the East or the West, South or the North , it is natural to experience a culture shock when you go abroad


An Essential Study-in-Turkey Checklist

Nothing gets worse with a couple of tips. It is always good to have a guideline to see where you are going with your studies and life.


Istanbul Survival Guide

Istanbul is a huge city with great attractions but just like all big cities, it can sometimes be difficult to live here.


Transportation to and in Turkey

It is possible to travel to and inside Turkey using different means of transportation.


Registering Your Mobile Phone in Turkey

One of the most essential devices that you need is the mobile phone when you go abroad.


Useful Phone Numbers

We all need to have the phone numbers of important institutions in terms of emergency.


Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your questions about studying in Turkey.


Shopping in Turkey

Shopping! Sounds fun?


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Interviews with Turkish University Executives