Transportation to and in Turkey


Sea: Car ferries operate between Italian and Greek ports and several Turkish ports, but not to İstanbul. Read More Ferries travel between Trabzon and Sochi in Russia three times a week. It is also possible to take the ferry from Odessa or Sevastopol to Istanbul.

Land: Turkey has land borders with eight countries. Always check with the relevant embassy for the most up-to-date information before leaving home. Crossing land borders by bus and train is straightforward.

Bus: There are several departures daily to some cities in Bulgaria from the main bus stations in Istanbul. There are also daily departures to Skopje and some cities in Rumania.

Plane: Most big cities in Turkey have airports while larger cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Kayseri host international airports. There are direct flightst to major cities from most European or Middle Eastern cities.


Big cities in Turkey have a wide variety of options to travel inside the city such as subway, tram, bus, funiculars... The modern highways allow the drivers to drive safely. In smaller cities it is possible to go everywhere on foot. The cabs in big Turkish cities are fairly cheaper than in Europe.

The municipalities offer the students a student transportation ID card with which students can travel for cheaper inside the city that they are studying.

For more information on the student transportation ID card, please click the link.

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