Turkish Culture

turkish-tea1The culture of Turkey combines a heavily diverse and heterogeneous set of elements that have been derived from the Byzantine, Ottoman, European, Middle Eastern and Central Asian traditions. It is an immensely mixed and unique culture that has influenced and has been influenced by many civilizations. It is a very rich culture and it is difficulty to summarize it because there are several details from the people to the customs and traditions, from the superstitions to arts that should be covered in order to understand the Turkish culture better.

The official language of Turkey is, that is related to the Uralic-Altaic languages spoken across from Finland to China.

When greeting friends or strangers, people shake hands.  To show respect, an older person's hands may be kissed and brought to touch the greeter's forehead.

Family is a very important institution in the Turkish culture. Hospitality is an integral part of Turkish culture. Friends, relatives, and neighbors often visit each other.

Soccer is the most popular sport for both spectators and participants.

At first glance Turkey is highly Europeanized as men and women go off to work on a daily basis, farmers, workers and professionals do their jobs. One has to keep in mind that the Turkish traditions are different than the other European countries. 

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