Basically the Aşure day is always at the same day according to Islamic calendar which is a lunar calendar, but it means it will not be always at the same day according to Gregorian calendar which is a solar one. 

Every year Aşure day is celebrated in  the tenth day of the month of Muharem, the first month according to Islamic calendar. The specific name of the dessert  “Aşure” comes from the word “Ashara” which means ten, tenth


What is inside ?

Wheat is the most important ingredient but without the other ingredients Aşure would not have its specific taste- chickpeas, beans, nuts, corn, rice, grains, raisins, dried plums and other fruits as well as spices like  cinnamon make this dessert so special and give the specific taste. You can feel each taste one by one but in the same time it creates one specific taste of Aşure It is said that either you will love it or you will hate it, there is rather no other option :)  All the ingredients are very healthy so Aşure has a lot of protein!


Behind Aşure there is a specific meaning. It is not only dessert is a symbol of sharing, love, friendship and cooperation :) People are sharing Aşure with each other, giving it to friends, relatives, neighbour:)

Last update: 14.11.2013

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