Çanakkale is a legendary city. Legendary in the sense that it is ancient and it is still beautiful.

troyIt is the other city located on both sides of a Strait in Turkey. Have you seen the movie Troy? Welcome the homeland of Troy. There are a variety of things to do in Çanakkale: sightseeing, which includes both the green and blue nature, and historical sites, sports, walking in the old town so on and so forth.

Çanakkale was a part of a front during the First World War therefore there are many monuments for the soldiers who died during the war. Every year, on the 25th of April, thousands of people from Australia and New Zealand visit the city to commemorate their ancestors. The soldiers in those forces quickly became known as ANZACs. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australia and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

The city hosts Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University which is a member of the Balkan Universities Network.

If you study there, you would not only get the chance to see the horse used in the movie Troy which was given as a gift from  Brad Pitt to the town, but also have a great education.

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